World Donation Week

Precious gifts that save lives

Every year between 18th and 24th September holds the organ donation campaign week to help raise awareness of the need for donors to help save the lives of others.

What is Organ Donation?

Organ donation is a transplant of moving a unhealthy organ from the body and replacing it with a healthy one which has been donated. More than 3000 lives are either saved or improved each year by organ transplants.

There are some organs which can be donated when a person is alive and some that are donated when a person has passed away.

**!! Every organ donor could save up to 8 lives !!**

What can be donated?

All of the above can be donated – some when alive and some after death.

Can you change your mind?


  • You can decide which organs you want and do not want to donate
  • You change these at any time
  • You can withdraw from Organ donating (this is not the same as opting out)

Did you know…

  • Over 7,000 patients are waiting for a transplant
  • Every day someone dies whilst waiting for a transplant
  • Even if you suffer from a form of illness some organs can save the lives of others
  • Your family can override the decision – always inform them of your choice and why
  • Over 1200 people have received a transplant since April 2023

Want to donate? Opt out? Find out more? Follow the link below to direct you to the NHS Organ Donation website

NHS Organ Donation