International Day of Sign Language

This day is a newly celebrated day. It originated in 2018, the date 23rd September was chosen to link with the World Federation of the Deaf which was launched in 1951.

Each year celebrates a different theme, the themes are a good way of expanding your knowledge and help you learn the different ways you can observe the date.

The most obvious and best way is to observe this day is to learn sign language. There are numerous help and guides online that can help you learn sign language.

There are over 72 million deaf people globally. However, people don’t realise that sign language is a form of language – a physical and visible language and, that each Country has its own sign language.

Did you know…

  • Sign Language is the 4th most used language in the UK
  • It is more than just hand gestures
  • It isn’t as difficult as you think
  • Each Country have their own versions

Please see below a 15 minute video on basic sign language