Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

  • Lump or swelling in breast, upper chest or armpit
  • A change is shape or size to the breast
  • Discharge from the nipple
  • A change of colour to the breast
  • Inverted nipple
  • Rash or crusting around the nipple area

**If you do notice any of these symptoms it does not mean you have breast cancer, but it is always best to get checked by a clinician**

Remember the TLC technique…

  • T – Touch – are there any changes
  • L – Look – can you see any visible changes?
  • C – check – always get checked. If there are any changes or something is worrying you


Like a lot of health problems they are not always visible. Women between the ages of 50-71 are called every 3 years for screening – this is called a mammogram. This screening is used to look for and determine any changes to the breast that may be too small for the naked eye.

You are automatically invited for this through your GP Surgery. It is strongly recommended that you respond to the invites and book in for the screening at your earliest convenience. If there are signs of potential Cancer, it is more likely that patients are able to respond to treatments the earlier it is caught.

Referrals and Recalls

If you have been seen in your GP Surgery in regards to changes in your breast and this has led to a referral to the Hospital – please remember this does not mean you have breast cancer. It is simply an additional check to determine what is going on and what it is you can see or feel.

Women are often recalled to repeat a mammogram or complete additional tests – again this does not mean that you have breast cancer. Been recalled could mean that there have been minor changes to your breast since your last mammogram or slight changes between the breasts, i.e. 1 bigger than the other. You could also be recalled and double checked if you have noticed any changes to your breasts.

Did you know…

  • Around 4 in 100 women who have been recalled for a repeat mammogram. 3/4 of these women will NOT have breast cancer.
  • You are more likely to be recalled after your first mammogram

Find out below how you can get involved in raising awareness and money to help with the research of breast cancer

Breast Cancer Now | The research and support charity

On 27th October #wearitpink to help raise breast cancer awareness