November is the month in which we encourage men to ditch their razors and grow a mo!

This campaign takes place every year in November with the aim to support men’s health. From checking for signs and symptoms of Cancer to removing the stigma behind mental health.

With all of the above in mind he Movember campaign has 5 focuses for men

1. Spend time with people who make you feel good

Time with your friends and family is good for you. Making time to catch up with people who know you and relaxing whilst having a good time boosts your mental heatlh

2. Talk more

A problem shared in a problem halved – talking to someone you feel comfortable with whether you need to talk or they need you to listen goes further than you think. Sometimes ‘letting off steam’ help you to see what is the right or wrong choice and this can ultimatley be life saving

3. Know the numbers

Knowing the numbers for your own health could be life saving. At 50 it is time to talk to your GP and discuss whether having a prostate (PSA) check is right for you. Dependant on your ethnicity and family history of prosrate cancer it is advised to start the conversation at around 45. Knowing what is the norm for your blood pressure is a life saving piece of knowledge and will help you understand any possible symptoms you may have.

4. Know thy nuts

Get to know whats normal for your testicles. Check them regular, if something doesn’t feel right get yourself checked by a clinician at your GP Surgery.

5. Move more

Been active is not only good for your physical health but also for your mental health. Swapping the car for a walk to work or to a local transport station gives you the fresh air you need to blow away the cobwebs. Just 20 minutes a day will have a postive impact on your health.

Want to know more?

Grow a moustache this Movember to support men’s health – Movember

follow the link above to find out how you can encourage yourself, family friends and work colleagues to get involved in growing a moustache or donating to a campaign to help support people who are fighting a battle we know nothing about.

Remember, be kind – always!!