Mental Health Awareness Week

15th May – 21st May 2023

Did you know – Kindness causes elevated levels of dopamine (a chemical that is released in the brain to make you feel better) in the brain, which helps us feel happier!!

Mental health awareness week is an annual campaign held to normalise and help you understand of what mental health is. Each year focuses on a type of mental health, This year is;

Anxiety – 2023

Anxiety is one of the most common forms of mental health and it affects around a quarter of the population with numbers currently increasing.

Mental health awareness week aims to stop the stigma of any form of mental health and helps to create a community/society that prevents helps people to manage their mental health by bringing them together. The aim is to give us all a voice and confidence to speak out about any and mental health issues individuals are suffering from and also help us and individuals to understand ourself and our feelings

Useful numbers for mental health;

Wellbeing Hub; 0300 303 0639

Crisis help; 0800 145 6485