World Down Syndrome Day


A message for us all…

“With us, not for us”

The world down syndrome day was made official in 2011, to make people aware of not only Down Syndrome but also the negative impacts people deal with on a regular basis. The aim of the campaign is to unite us all to be treated the same and fairly depending on all of our abilities.

1 in 800 babies are born with Down Syndrome. Babies born with Down Syndrome have an extra chromosome which occurs naturally with no known cause.

2023 is holding the #withusnotforus campaign through odd socks. Odd socks gets people talking usually negatively. However, world down syndrome day wants to change that. As odd socks bring so much attention to some, it is a positive way to get talking about difference.

You can buy your odd socks below and support the team through purchasing and talking

The #LotsOfSocks Shop – Down Syndrome International (