Alcohol Awareness Day

01.07.2024 – 07.07.2024

Alcohol awareness day is hosted by Alcohol Changes UK. Each year the focus changes, this year is focused on ‘Alcohol and Cost’.

Alcohol can have a major impact on your personally as well as your family, friends, social life, working life and the community. The impacts of alcohol are often not seen until it starts to affect your physically and emotionally. This can then lead to further problems from relationships to financial problems and massively impact your mental health.

Alcohol death rates are rapidly increasing since the Covid-19 Pandemic. Alcohol costs on average around £10,000 in our lifetime and social cost of alcohol to society is over £20billion every year. Although this will affect you personally it also increase the amount of pressure on the NHS and Emergency Services.

Although the cost of living crisis has had a major impact on a lot of people over the past year, this has resulted in people turning to alcohol to help them to try and overcome their day to day struggles which results in further difficulties as this will usually lead to debt.

The aim of alcohol awareness week is to make people realise and understand that they have a choice on drinking alcohol rather than doing this by default. This will then reduce the changes of individuals becoming addicted to alcohol and reducing the health factors such as liver disease and cancer.

To get involved with alcohol awareness week please use the link below

About Alcohol Awareness Week | Alcohol Change UK