Stay Safe This Summer

The alphabet of checking your moles;

  • A – Asymmetry – both halves don’t look the same
  • B – Border, the mole has blurred/jagger edges
  • C – Colour, the mole has more than one colour or changed in colour
  • D – Diameter, it is increasing in size
  • E – Evolving, Changes to shape, size or colour

Noticing any of these changes does not mean that there is any cause for concern. however, if you do notice any of these changes it is always best to get them checked.

Ways to help keep your skin healthy especially during the warmer months;

  • Staying in the shade/having regular breaks from the sun
  • Avoiding the sun during the highest peaks of the day (between 11am and 3pm)
  • Avoiding sunbeds/UV lamps
  • Reapplying suncream every 2 hours and after every time in the water
  • Wearing protection such as sun hats, sunglasses and light loose clothing